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Sputnik Beige
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Sputnik Beige


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  • Sputnik Beige
  • Sputnik Beige/Brown
  • Sputnik Beige/Brown2
  • Sputnik Beige/Gold


An elegant designer clutch bag that will become your best companion at any event.

Size: 18/30 cm (8/12 inches)
How to wear: on the shoulder
Leather density: low or medium
Lock type: rotary lock and buttons
Inside: one compartment and one zipper pocket

The bag can be complemented by a charming removable pendant.

When ordering, you can choose the desired combination of colors, according to your preferences.

Remember that the bag we will make is going to be slightly different from the item presented in the pictures. That’s because our bags are fully handmade, and leather is a natural material. Every piece of leather has its individual color and texture; the leather stock is continually changing.

We offer free standard worldwide delivery.

Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

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