Delivery Policy



1.1 This policy contains details of the delivery methods, periods and charges that apply to
orders for our products made through our website or by telephone or email.

1.2 This policy is a legally binding document, and forms part of the contract of sale between
you and us made under our terms and conditions of sale.

Free Delivery

2.1 We offer free standard worldwide delivery through Express Mail Service EMS

Geographical Limitations

3.1 We will usually be able to deliver to all countries.

3.2 We may from time to time refuse delivery to some countries and/or territories.

Delivery Method and Periods

4.1  The delivery periods may vary between 10 and 30 days.  This date range is indicative only, and while we will make every effort to ensure that you receive your order in good time, we do not guarantee delivery before the end of the stated period.

4.2 We may conduct fraud screening checks before dispatching the product, and these checks
may delay your delivery. In case a delivery is likely to be delayed as a result of fraud screening checks, we will notify you.

4.3 Delivery may be effectuated by another delivery method upon client specific request, in
which case the client will be solely responsible for any eventual risks in this connection.

Delivery Tracking

5.1 Delivery tracking is available in respect of all orders for our products.

5.2  To track your delivery, enter your order number (which is provided in your order confirmation email) into the tracking field on website of the delivery service provider.