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Designer Clutch Bags by Diana Ulanova

Designer clutch bags from Diana Ulanova have everything you need in a clutch. Elegant, high-quality, and unique – these luxury clutches will become the basis of your unforgettable style.


A huge variety of models will allow you to use our clutches for a variety of situations. A black designer clutch, for example, will be the perfect complement for your evening clothes. A red designer clutch can be a bright accent to your casual outfit. All our clutches will help you create not only day-to-day but, at the same time, an exquisite look.

The design of all our clutch bags is unique and is inspired by the beauty of nature. It, therefore, looks simultaneously organic and bright. The quality of our designer clutch purses is not inferior to their appearance. All models, both those presented in the store and those that you can order according to a personal request, are made of high-quality genuine leather.

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