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Personalized Bags for Women by Diana Ulanova

yin & yang

Have you ever dreamed of having an item in your wardrobe that would be truly unique and all yours? You have a chance of getting just that with our personalized bags for women. Choose any product from our broad range of natural leather purses. Then, add the color combination of your preference in the comments to your order, and we will contact you later to discuss all of the details.

Our bags are made according to designs by the talented Diana Ulanova. Each item is hand-crafted and made to order from authentic leather. You won’t find two similar bags anywhere.

Imagine a signed, personalized tote, as a bridesmaid gift, or a backpack that was personalized especially for your round the world trip. It is always a pleasure to have a piece that was made just for you, and we are happy to provide you with one. We deliver our bags worldwide.

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Orchid new
Reticule shell