Designer Backpacks by Diana Ulanova

Designer backpacks for women by Diana Ulanova are models in which high-quality and ergonomics are combined with a unique style. We have a wide range of backpacks suitable for different purposes.


You can choose for yourself capacious designer rucksacks for stylish weekend travel or elegant mini backpacks for everyday wear. We also offer designer book bags for women that are perfect for students: they are strong and durable.

A wide variety of designs includes both classic models and bright, eye-catching ones: red, pink, and light green designer backpacks. All models have their own character and style: inspired by the lines of nature, they reflect its uniqueness.

All of our bags are made of genuine leather using high-quality fittings. If you want an utterly exclusive model, you can order a product according to individual sketches and have it delivered to you in any place of the world.

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